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lines on diwali

essay on Diwali in English for class 8


India is a country of festivals; however, none can compare to Diwali. It is arguably one of the most important days in Indian culture – it is definitely among the brightest celebrations around. Religious people of all faiths take part in Diwali, celebrating goodness overcoming evil, and knowledge conquering ignorance. It’s known as a festival of lights. During this time India becomes flooded with bright lights, spreading happiness across the nation so all may share its pleasure.

The Religious Significance of Diwali

The religious significance of this festival differs depending on the region. It varies from one area to another in India. There is an association in most cases with many different gods and goddesses, as well as cultures and traditions. The reason for these variances is possibly due to different harvest festivals held locally – thus leading to a fusion of these various harvest festivals into one overarching Hindu holiday.

According to the Hindu scripture Ramayana, Diwali is the day when Rama returned to Ayodhya. On this day, Lord Rama had finally defeated the demon King Ravana who he had been fighting for many years. Furthermore, upon returning home victorious, he found his loyal brother Lakshmana and his companion Hanuman waiting for him there too!

In addition to this story about how Diwali became so celebrated among Hindus each year- it is said that Vishnu (in the form of Krishna) fought against Narakasura on this very night– killing him and freeing sixteen thousand girls from captivity before they were married off or sold into slavery. Above all else – this victory reminds us of what we can do if we put our minds together – making it a sign of hope in these dark times when humanity can often feel alone; when we remember how much light one candle can bring to a room full of darkness.

The Spiritual Meaning of Diwali:

Many things take place at this lovely Indian festival. Some people choose to pardon others while making amends with those who they feel wronged them. This beautiful festival celebrates unity, peace, and well-being among Indians everywhere. Those who live in America will still celebrate the traditional aspects of their culture by going to work wearing the colors red and gold while sending colorful wishes through firecrackers up into the sky (which were made illegal during certain times). Women wear their saris without fail, setting aside laughter and discord for a day so everyone can appreciate each other’s company after celebrating a time when family comes together whether there is fighting or not – things might come out alright anyway since every conflict helps you find yourself even more than before.

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