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Computers have been a vital part of our lives for years, but their recent increase in use has been incredible. They can be found everywhere – both at home and at work. People rely on them every day when designing machines, while farmers need them to improve crop yield and make the most out of the land they own. Computers now rule the earth – it would not function without them!

The History of Computers.

Computers are very hard to pinpoint when they first came about. Many experts believe that during World War II computers already existed but were only being used for military purposes and not civilian use. At the time, however, these machines were exceedingly large and heavy; so much so that most could never fit into a building or even carry one outside.

Working of a Computer:

The computer operates in a three-step cycle: input, process, and output. All processes are broken down into these three stages; for example, when you type something on the keyboard or press print, those actions would be considered an input phase. The computations made by the central processing unit (CPU) constitute a process stage. When you save or print what you’ve typed, that is considered an output phase.

Components and Types of Computer:

The basic computer usually consists of a CPU, monitor, mouse, and keyboard. However, hundreds of additional components can be attached to it—including printers, scanners, or even laser pens.

Computers are classified into many different categories such as supercomputers, mainframes, desktops, PDAs, laptops, and mobile phones. Mobile phones are a type of computer because they satisfy all the requirements to be considered a computer.

Medical field:

They make use of computers to diagnose diseases, run tests and look for cures. In addition, they can find a cure for many different illnesses because of these computers.


Whether it’s scientific research, space research, or any social research; computers help in all of them. And due to them, we can keep a check on the environment, space, and society. Space research helped us explore new galaxies while science has aided in locating natural resources and helpful discoveries from the earth itself.


For any country, its defense is most important for the safety and security of its people. Also, computer in this field helps the country’s security agencies to detect a threat that can be harmful in the future. Above all defense industry use them to keep surveillance on our enemy.

Threats from a Computer:

The computer has become a necessary tool in today’s society, but it also poses risks. Hackers often steal personal information from unsuspecting victims and publish confidential details.

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