‘World Tuberculosis Day: 24 March’ | ‘World TB Day’ | Short Essay on ‘World Tuberculosis Day’ (140 Words)

World Tuberculosis Day: 24 March

‘World Tuberculosis Day ‘ is observed on 24th March every year. On March 24 the bacillus that causes the disease of Tuberculosis was discovered. World Health Organization (WHO) established March 24 as World TB Day. The first World TB Day was held in 1982.

Tuberculosis, or TB, is an infectious bacterial disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It may infect any part of the body, but most commonly occurs in the lungs. It is transmitted from person to person via droplets from the throat and lungs of people with active respiratory disease.

World Tuberculosis Day is an annual observance held on March 24 that is intended to increase global awareness of Tuberculosis. This day is observed to draw the attention of researchers, funding agencies, and the public to the global fight against Tuberculosis. The Theme for World Tuberculosis Day 2014 is ‘Reach the three million‘.

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