Why I Like Architecture

Why I Like Architecture

My future as an architect. That is now the goal that I hope to reach hopefully very soon, at first I hadn’t considered architecture as a career. When I started high school I was really thinking about becoming a chef because I like to make my own creation in food but then I changed my mind when I explored drafting now I can still design or create but only now in the house which is more interesting.

I choose to draft because it was a shop that I like and I was good at. From my 4 years of drafting, I have acquired basic skills in drafting. I have worked on freehanded sketching, and actually working on the board I have to use basic tools like a compass, protractor, ruler measuring, and many other things.

Then I moved a step up onto the computer where I spent three of my years there. I learn the CAD system and how it works once learning the system I could do the basic learning about mechanical drafting then I went on to architectural drafting which was the most interesting.

In architectural drafting, I learn the basics of a whole set of house plans and then I drew them up on AutoCAD on the computer. I really decided to be an architect for a living after my junior year in high school. I hope to have my own business and be very successful if the life that is the goal that I must reach.

I have been in a state competition for architectural drafting called VICA competing against the best in the state I also like to do many things like exercise by playing basketball, which is my favorite also, playing baseball and football anything to keep me in shape, so that must mean I not lazy.

To follow my goal I hope to go to college for architecture for six years and get my bachelor’s than work for a couple of years and then hopefully open my own business and come to reach my goal from the beginning. I think that is a successful life to be in.