Topic: Give an account of a visit to a book exhibition

a visit to a book exhibition

Last Saturday our teacher, Cikgu Hamid, took our class to town to visit a book exhibition that was being in the town hall. We left our school on a chartered bus and arrived at the town hall at about 9:15 a.m. There were thirty of us including Cikgu Hamid and we were among the first visitors to the exhibition that morning.

As we entered, I was taken aback by the sheer number of books on display. I have never seen so many books all together in one place before in my life. I felt thrilled to have the opportunity to take a look at these books on display.

I was sure my classmates were equally thrilled. Cikgu Hamid told us that we had two and a half hours to browse among the books. We were not to fool around and if we wanted to buy any book we were to give it to him so that he could get a better discount. We all promised to behave.

Next, we plunged among the bookshelves and started to do what we had come for. There were so many books on display. There were books on hobbies computers, art and craft, machines, and others of general interest. I was especially fascinated by the books on nature. So I was more or less glued to this section browsing over the beautifully illustrated books of animals and plants.

Never had I seen such vast amounts of information concerning our precious planet. Before I knew it, one and a half hours had passed. My goodness, I thought I had only an hour left to go over the rest of the exhibition. So I promptly got about doing it. I next came upon computers on display. There was a sizable crowd gathered but I managed to get in front to have a look.

A man was demonstrating the capabilities of a computer. I was astonished at what the computer could do. So for a good hour, I was stuck there, eyes glued to the video display. Finally, I decided that it was time I had a breath of fresh air and a cool drink. The crowd in the hall had swelled and the air was getting a bit stifling. So I left the hall for a moment to do things.

After a refreshing drink, I returned to the hall to meet the rest of my classmates. Cikgu Hamid was already waiting for us. One by one my classmates appeared. After all of us had assembled and Cikgu Hamid had purchased the books, we headed out of the hall and into the bus. The bus started and we were on our way home. It had been a pleasant morning at the exhibition.