Short Essay on ‘Turtle’ in English (225 Words) | Essay on Turtle in English | Short Essay on Tortoise


The ‘turtle’ is a type of creature found in both water and land. The main part of its body is identified by the shield-like armor developed from its ribs. The turtles of the water and land are different. There are different species of sweet and saltwater turtles too. 

The turtle has four legs and the long neck remains out. Its round body is covered with a tight compartment-like cover. The upper part of the turtle is often raised and the lower part is flat. The upper part of some turtles remains smooth. 

The turtles are on the verge of extinction gradually. If awareness is not spread among people, then this species can be completely destroyed. The species of turtle is considered one of the oldest living species in the world (about 200 million years). 

These ancient species are believed to have come into existence on earth even before mammals, birds, snakes and lizards. According to biologists, turtles can protect themselves for so long simply because their armor gives them protection. 

To save the turtle, ‘World Turtle Day’ is celebrated on 23 May every year throughout the world. The purpose of celebrating World Turtle Day is to attract human attention to the turtles and encourage human efforts to protect them. On this day workshops are organized at different places by the Forest Department. 

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