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Red Fort


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‘Red Fort’ was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. It is built of Stonewalls over 30 meters high in places. It was built on the right bank of the river Yamuna. The foundation stone of the Fort was laid in 1639 and it was completed after about nine years.

Red Fort (Lal Qila) is one of those monuments which enhance the grace of Delhi. The architecture of this building has a splendid impact of red stone and marble works. It has delicate carving on every possible surface.

The Red Fort was originally referred to as “Qila-i-Mubarak” (the blessed fort), because it was the residence of the royal family. The layout of the Red Fort was organized to retain and integrate this site with the Salimgarh Fort. 

The planning and aesthetics of the Red Fort represent the zenith of Mughal creativity that prevailed during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan. This Fort has had many developments added on after its construction by Emperor Shahjahan. 

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