Short Essay on ‘Kabirdas’ in English (350 Words) | Paragraph on Kabir Das 100, 150, 200, 250 to 300 Words



  • Birth date of Kabirdas
  • Birthplace of Kabirdas
  • The early life of Kabirdas
  • Death date of Kabirdas
  • Death place of Kabirdas
  • Compositions of Kabirdas
  • About Kabir Granthawali
  • Conclusion 

Kabirdas’ was born in 1398 A.D. in Kashi (now Varansi). There are many stories regarding Kabir’s birth. It is believed that Neeru and Neema, a weaver couple raised him. He was married to a woman named ‘Loi’.

Kabir’s education and initiation could not be well managed. He remained illiterate. His job was to weave clothes. At the same time, he was also engaged in sage association and contemplation of God.

Kabirdas received his entire life knowledge with devotion. He was not educated, but traveled to far-off regions and sat in the company of sages and saints. He narrated his experience orally to the people in way of a poem.

Kabirdas was born at a time when there was unrest and chaos in our country. The people of the country were battered by foreign invasions. The economic condition was very pathetic. Taking birth in such a difficult time, this great saint showed the people of the country a new path of knowledge.

Kabirdas was a worshipper of ‘Nirgun Brahm’. He believed that God is present in the whole world. He used the words ‘Ram’, ‘Hari’ etc. for ‘Brahma’ but they are all synonymous with ‘Brahma’. His path was the path of knowledge. Kabir was a free thinker. He opposed all the stereotypes prevailing in society.

There is a difference of opinion about the place of death of Kabirdas. Different people believe that he died in Puri, Maghar, and Ratanpur (Awadh), but most scholars favor Maghar as his death place. His death is believed to be around 1495 A.D.

Kabidas’s compositions were stored after his death by his son and disciples under the name of ‘Bijak’. This invoice has three parts – (1) Sabad (2) Sakhi (3) Ramani. Later his compositions were stored as ‘Kabir Granthwali’. His style was didactic style.

Kabir kept up his good work courageously. He continuously tried for Hindu-Muslim unity. He has a special place in the world of Hindi literature. Despite being uneducated, he has made the greatest impact on the public in comparison to other great scholars. In the true sense, Kabir was a great social reformer. 

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