Short Essay on ‘Id-ul-Fitr’ or ‘Eid’ (200 Words)

Id-ul-Fitr’ or ‘Eid

‘Id-ul-Fitr’ or ‘Eid’ is one of the greatest festivals of Muslims. It is celebrated to mark the end of Ramzan. Eid is an Arabic word meaning ‘festivity’, while Fiṭr means ‘breaking the fast. It was during the month of Ramzan that the Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed. It is celebrated all over the world by all Muslims.

The Muslims fast during the month of Ramzan. At the end of the month, Eid is celebrated with feats. For Muslims, the festival of Id-ul-Fitr is an occasion for showing gratitude to God and remembering him.

Muslims all over the world make great preparations for the festival of Id-ul-Fitr. All Muslims buy new clothes. When the new moon is seen just after the fast of thirty days, the next day Eid is declared. All look very happy. On this day they wake up very early in the morning, clean their teeth, have a bath, wear the best clothing they possess, and also apply perfume. 

Eid prayer is performed in open areas like fields, community centers, etc., or at mosques. After the prayers, Muslims visit their relatives and friends. On Eid gifts are also given to children and immediate relatives.  

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