Short Essay on ‘Advertisement’ (150 Words) | Advertisement Essay For Students In English


Advertising, by the definition, is a paid form of non-personal communication to promote goods and services. It simplifies the choice of consumers by creating awareness among people about several brands and products available in the market.

Advertisements are essential for starting a new business. Promoting sales is the main motive of a large enterprise. Advertisements rule every aspect of our lives and provide a link between an individual and the world. As advertisements help in business expansion, companies spend crores or millions on them.

Advertisements are contained in various means of communication such as magazines, newspapers, television, radio, billboards, etc. Attractive pictures, slogans, taglines, etc shown in the advertisements lure customers, thereby pushing up sales.

Advertisements are popularized by the government for the betterment of society in the field of education, providing better facilities, housing facilities for the poor, medical facilities like polio drops and other vaccines, etc. 

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