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Abraham Lincoln

‘Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in Kentucky (United States). His father’s name was Thomas Lincoln and his mother’s name was Nancy Hanks Lincoln.

He was born into a poor family, who did not have a good home to live in nor any means of getting an education for children.

Lincoln used to seek books from different places and read at night in the light of the stove fire and gained knowledge. He was self-educated and became a lawyer.

Abraham Lincoln became the President of America. He was the sixteenth President of the United States. His tenure was from 1861 to 1865.

He was a skilled politician as well as a book-lover, serious thinker, and writer. He saved the country from being divided into two parts forever and also freed the country from the horribly inhuman slave system.

Abraham Lincoln overcame America with its greatest crisis- the Civil War. Lincoln owes the end of slavery in America.

He was assassinated on April 15, 1865. Lincoln is remembered as the martyr hero of the United States and he is consistently ranked as one of the greatest presidents in American history. Lincoln Memorial is one of the most visited monuments in the nation’s capital. 

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