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A Visit to an Exhibition


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Last month a grand exhibition was held in our city. My friends and I went to see it in the evening.

Our first impression on entering the grounds was that the whole thing looked like a fairyland. The vast space was decorated in magnificent, bright, and purple colors and lit up with countless lights. Men, women, and children were moving from corner to corner, admiring the beauty of all kinds of stalls set up. These stalls were like small shops.

While the stalls made a very interesting sight, what attracted us most was the Children’s Corner in the exhibition. The Children’s Corner was crowded with boys and girls. All types of amusements could be seen here. Children and some grown-ups were enjoying the giant wheel, wooden hoses, dodge-cars, railway train, and other things. I too had my share of fun with my friends and returned home after enjoying a most delightful evening. 

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