Short Debate on ‘Should Students be allowed to carry Mobile Phones to School’ [FOR] (254 Words)

Should Students be allowed to carry Mobile Phones to School

The future is here, the time has changed. With today’s world becoming so technological, it is important that students should incorporate technology and communication into their daily lives. Cell phones are great, they enhance learning. But there can also be a distraction if students use them in the wrong way. When it comes to the allowance of cell phones what matters is that students should be mature enough to use them justifiably.

Whenever a teacher is teaching, he or she can ask the students to search for various answers on the Internet through cell phones. In this way, students will also take interest in their studies.

While doing studies, students can also use cell phones for other purposes like for calculations that are complex through the calculator. They can also use cell phones as dictionaries to search for meanings of different words.

Students can record videos or audio of what the teacher teaches during his or her class and can watch it or listen to it later in the hour of need. Cell phones can also be useful to students doing adversity and problems. Cell phones will also minimize educational expenses.

If it is a battle worth banning or not, to ban cell phones altogether, I feel that finding positive uses for this might become the key to success in the field of education. All we have to do is to find a balance. Nothing can replace the basics but, in my opinion, with technology ruling the world, gadgets should be allowed to become a part of the educational scenario. 

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