Short Biography of ‘Raja Ram Mohan Roy’ (155 Words) | Raja Ram Mohan Roy Biography For Students

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

‘Raja Ram Mohan Roy’ was born on 22nd May 1772 in the village Radhanagar, Hooghly, Bengal, India. His father was Ramkanto Roy, who was a Vaishnavite. His mother’s name was Tarini. Raja Ram Mohan Roy took his higher education in Patna, India. He had learned several languages such as Bangla, Arabic, Persian, and Sanskrit only by the age of fifteen.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was against idol worship. After differences with his father, he left the house. Raja Ram Mohan Roy wandered around the Himalayas and went to Tibet. He went to Varanasi and studied the Vedas, the Upnishads, and Hindu philosophy deeply. He passed away on 27th September 1833.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the founder of ‘Brahmo Samaj’. He is known as the ‘Maker of Modern India’. He played a major role in abolishing the role of Sati. He was a great scholar and an independent thinker. He was given the title ‘Raja’ by the Mughal Emperor Akbar.

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