Short Biography of ‘Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’ | Short Biography of ‘Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

‘Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’ was born on 13 May 1905 in the Hauz Qazi area of Old Delhi. His father was Zalnur Ali. His mother was the daughter of the Nawab of Loharu. His grandfather was Khaliluddin Ali Ahmed.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was educated at the Government High School in Gonda district, Uttar Pradesh, and matriculated from the Delhi Government High School. He attended St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, and St Catharine’s College, Cambridge.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed joined the Indian National Congress and actively participated in the Indian freedom movement. In 1942 he was arrested in the Quit India movement. After Independence, he was elected to the Rajya Sabha and thereafter became Advocate-General of the Government of Assam. He was elected to the Lok Sabha. On 20 August 1974, he became the second Muslim to be elected the President of India. He became the fifth President of India.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was the second Indian president to die in office, on 11 February 1977. He was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Pristina, in Kosovo, in 1975. In his honor, a medical college Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Medical College has been named after him at Barpeta Assam. 

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