Short Biography of ‘Dr. L.M. Singhvi’ (270 Words) | L.M. Singhvi: A muti-faceted personality

Dr. L.M. Singhvi

‘Dr. Laxmi Mall Singhvi’ (Dr. L M Singhvi) was born on 9 November 1931 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. He was the Founder of Law Day, which is widely observed by the Bench and the Bar in India on November 26th each year. He was married to Hindi author, Shrimati Kamla Baid.

Dr. L. M. Singhvi was an eminent Indian jurist, parliamentarian, constitutional expert, scholar, and distinguished diplomat. He was the longest-serving High Commissioner for India in the United Kingdom (1991–97).

Dr. L.M. Singhvi was a Member of Lok Sabha (1962-1967) and Rajya Sabha (1998-2004). He was a Senior Advocate, at the Supreme Court of India. He was Educated at and honored by different universities in India, the U.S.A. and U.K. Dr. Singhvi was elected as President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, on more occasions than any other leader of the Bar except the late Mr. M.C. Setalvad. He had been a leading Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India. He was the Founder and President of the Supreme Court Bar Association Trust. He was regarded as one of the foremost constitutional experts in India.

Dr. Singhvi was associated with and consulted in the drafting of the constitutions of Bangladesh, Nepal, and South Africa. His book Freedom on Trial has gone through several editions. The President of India honored him with the award of “Padma Bhushan” in January 1998. Dr. Singhvi was Advocate General from 1970 to 1977. Dr. Singhvi was appointed as a Member of UNESCO’s Executive Board (2002-2005)

He died on October 6, 2007, following a brief illness, in New Delhi, and is survived by his wife and two children. 

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