Short Article on ‘My Life as a Teenager ‘ (150 Words) | Life Of A Teenager Essay

My Life as a Teenager

I am going to begin my real life out of the shell of security of my parents. What I know and understand about being a teenager is happiness, parties, friendship, and attraction. But, what I am being told is that it is a period of life of rage and serenity. It is the delicate period of my life where I will be shutting between being a pampered child to being an adult of whom a lot is expected.

It will be difficult for me to understand the emotional and physical changes. I don’t know how I will be able to handle the peer pressure but I will try to face all this with the support of my parents.

I hope that it will be a period that I will cherish and enjoy but within the limits, which if crossed then no Rama would come to save me from the clutches of Ravana. 

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