Short Article on ‘Cellphone and Student’ | Essay on Mobile Phone for Students and Children in english

‘Cellphone and Student’

Cell phones are a major requirement of today’s era. Being a major means of telecommunications, it has become so popular that even the student class has not been able to stay away from its attraction.

Today, the cellphone has become less a means of telecommunications and more a means of entertainment. It is not being used more by the student for imparting knowledge or messages, but for listening to music, watching videos, and playing games. Reading and driving while listening to songs with a cell phone in the ear is the passion of today’s students.

Cell phones have also increased the habit of extravagant spending among students. The burden of this additional expense falls on the parents or the students or the students who adopt the wrong way to meet their expenses.

Due to the misuse of cell phones, the student has deviated from his bright future and is going in the wrong direction. Rudeness and antisociality are beginning to flourish in the student. Life is not going towards improvement but going on the wrong path.

It is the duty of the students to keep their distance from the charm of cell phones and make their future bright by studying. For this work, students should always be inspired by the teachers and parents. 

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Short Article On ‘Cellphone And Student’