Kemble Knight on essay

Kemble Knight

Sarah Kemble Knight. Journal. Group A: Our group found passages to support the idea that Knight was courageous. On the first day of their journey they encountered a thick swamp On the second day they crossed a river which greatly terrified the knight. She goes on to say I now rallied all the courage I was mistress of. (now would seem like a good time for a woman from the city to call it quits!) On day three Knight can not cross the river because the water is too high at present so she stays at a little cottage.

Knight says this little Hutt was one of the wretchedest I ever saw a habitation for human creatures. Also on one day, three Knight says an Indian-like Animal comes to the door. If the knight is concerned about her safety she doesn’t write about it. On December 21 they encounter a great storm of wind and snow. Winter probably wasn’t a good time to take a road trip! Group B: By taking her journey, Sarah Kemble Knight proved her self-reliance and independence. Here are a few dates and instances that really stood out in our minds. Oct. 2nd- Knight bribes John to leave with her.

Oct. 3rd- She begins to conquer her fear of drowning by crossing the water in a canoe. Oct. 4th- Knight survived the cruel treatment by Mr. Devills and his daughters. Dec. 21st- Knight makes it through illness without much distress. March 3rd- Knight shows her inner strength in that she could be away from her child for so long.