‘International Men’s Day: 19 November’ | ‘World Men’s Day’ | Short Essay on International Men’s Day (215 Words)

International Men’s Day

‘International Men’s Day ‘ is celebrated on 19th November every year. It is an annual international event. This day was inaugurated in 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago. Nowadays, this day is celebrated in over 60 countries in the world. In India, this day was first celebrated on 19th November 2007.

Men make sacrifices every day in their place of work, in their role as husbands, sons, and fathers, for their families, for their friends, for their communities, and for their nation. International Men’s Day is an opportunity for people everywhere of goodwill to appreciate and celebrate the men in their lives and the contribution they make to society for the greater good of all.

Objectives of International Men’s Day include a focus on men’s and boy’s health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models. It is an occasion for men to celebrate their achievements and contributions, in particular, their contributions to community, family, marriage, and child care while highlighting the discrimination against them.

On International Men’s Day, public seminars and conferences are held at many places. Peaceful displays and marches are also led by some men’s organizations. The manner of observing this annual day is optional; any organizations are welcome to host their own events and any appropriate forums can be used. 

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