Essay topic: Why should we have good manners? | short essay on good manners | importance of good manners

We have good manners

Good manners are important to living happily among people. Without good manners, we are only slightly better than animals.

Modern society consists of more people than it did in the past. These people are of various cultural, racial, religious, and professional backgrounds. It, therefore, requires great powers of endurance and abilities to mix with people.

Good manners enable one to tolerate the disagreeable attitudes of others to a great extent. They also help to promote friendship among the people around them.

If one has good manners, that person is respected by those who associate with him or her. Having good manners, however, does not mean being polite, understanding, and sympathetic when not only outside but also inside his or her home.

There are many people who are very kind and polite to people outside their homes, but within their own homes, they are worse than the devil himself. Such people do not really have good manners.

Having good manners means being good to others. Our speech and habits as well as our behavior should not hurt the feelings of others or cause them any inconvenience. We should not also talk ill about others or boast about our achievements or personal possessions. We must not laugh at the weaknesses and failures of others.

Further, if we are angry we must try to use words in such a way that others are not offended. If we have all these qualities, we will have more friends and well-wishers. We will also have less trouble from others, and those who associate with us will also learn how to behave well.

In this way, our good manners will help to spread better understanding and goodwill among others. Thus, we can live happier life. It is for all these reasons that we should have good manners.