Essay topic: Why I want to learn English

  I want to learn English

English is considered to be the most common and important language of the world today. A great number of people understand and use English in every part of the world. English is the most useful language. Being good at English, we can travel to any place or any country we like. We shall not find it hard to make others understand what we wish to say.

English also helps us to learn all kinds of subjects. Hundreds of books are written in English every day in all countries to teach people useful things. The English language has therefore helped to spread ideas and knowledge to all the corners of the world. There is no subject that cannot be learned in the English language.

As English is used so much everywhere in the world, it has helped to make countries of the world become friendlier with one another. The leaders of the world use English to understand one another. The English language has therefore spread better understanding and friendship among countries of the world.

Lastly, as a person who knows English easily gets more knowledge from many parts of the world, he or she is respected by people. It is for all these reasons that I want to learn English.

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