Essay topic: when I am angry

when I am angry

Different people react differently when they are angry. They also react differently in different situations. When I am angry, I will sulk, shout or cry, depending on who I am angry with.

When my parents reprimand me for something which I feel is not my fault, I will shut myself in my room. I will refuse to talk to anyone, even to my granny whom I am very fond of. Sometimes I also throw things around and mess up the whole bedroom.

When my brother and I quarrel with each other, I will scream and shout at the top of my voice. If I cannot beat him verbally, I will kick him. As a result, I usually end up crying because he is much bigger and stronger.

When I am angry with a friend, I will not talk to her until she apologizes to me. My stubbornness has caused me to lose a few good friends in the past. I know that I am intolerable when I am angry.

Therefore, I have been trying to control my temper. However, I have not been very successful. I still need to put in more effort.

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