Essay topic: A wedding celebration

A wedding celebration

Weddings are grand affairs. Normally, it only occurs once in a lifetime. It brings about bondage between a man and a woman. Recently I attended the wedding of my classmate’s sister. It was performed in a community center auditorium.

The auditorium was converted into a fairyland. The stage was all illuminated with different color bulbs and decorated with pots of flowers, pots, and other glittering decorations. A magnificent platform was erected which held two throne–like chairs for the bride and the bridegroom.

The platform and the stage looked like the banquet hall of a five-star hotel with its thick red carpets and floral decorations. The cool fragrance was so strong that everyone was left sleepy. There was a place by the side for music troops with their enormous musical instruments. They played loud and soft music.

The wedding day was on Sunday. The guests were very well dressed, which added to the atmosphere. The bridegroom party arrived in seven cars, they were welcomed. Dancing was also arranged.

They were pleased with the warm welcome. Two video cameramen and photographers were busy capturing the scenes with their equipment. The bridegroom was escorted to the throne. The bride followed in a glittering red dress, escorted by her friends. They walked at a slow and doll-like pace.

After some minor ceremonies, they were officially announced as man and wife. The wedding was also an occasion for socializing. Many of my friends were there and we had many happy moments.

As one by one went to the stage to offer them best wishes and presents, I also stood in line to offer them my best wishes with a present. Then I went home taking with me the pleasant memories.

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