Essay topic: An unlucky incident

An unlucky incident

I am a healthy person and do not normally fall ill. My baby sister is often ill. My parents and grandparents are all deeply concerned about her health and take great care of her.

She goes to bed early. We have to turn down the television and lower our voices so that she gets a good night’s sleep. My uncle, my aunt, and my two cousins came from Malaysia as our guests during the school holidays.

We had planned to have a small party followed by a movie by my favorite actor, Sylvester Stallone. We were playing till 10 p.m. and my mother asked me to take my cousins to my bedroom.

The next day when my mother woke me up, I did not feel like getting up. I had a slight headache. Mother felt my forehead and found that I was having a fever. How sad I was! All our plans were upset.

I did not like the pitiable stares of others, in particular, from my cousins. My mother brought me milk and porridge. She asked my brother and my cousins to leave me alone. She asked my cousins not to play the hi-fi stereo as I needed complete rest.

It was indeed a boring time lying in bed. Little did I know that the day would be so long. Soon my temperature started to rise and I felt hot and restless. My head started to get heavy. It was really troublesome.

The matter became worse when my brother and my cousins were preparing to go to the movie. The worst part was not being able to enjoy the feast my mother was preparing for the guests. I was ordered to live on a liquid diet and pills and tablets.

In frustration, I spent the whole day in bed. Luckily, the temperature was back to normal. I promised myself that I shall not allow myself to fall ill again.