Essay topic: Underwater discovery

Underwater discovery

One Sunday, I managed to talk my uncle into bringing me along on a snorkeling trip. My uncle is a diver and I have been taking swimming lessons under his instruction for a few years.

We spent ten minutes warming up before we dived into the deep blue sea. I was surprised to find myself swimming alongside sea creatures.

Fishes of all shapes and sizes swam by. There were also strange-looking plants and I was enchanted by the beautiful underwater world.

I saw huge plants with numerous finger-like “petals”, opening and closing restlessly. Some small fish swimming near the plant were caught amongst the “petals” as they closed.

I also saw a sea-horse swimming right in front of my eyes. I was very excited and tried to grab it, but it was too quick for me.

Then came a jellyfish that looked like a gigantic mushroom dancing gracefully in the deep sea water. I avoided it as I did not wish to be stung.

I was reluctant to surface but my uncle insisted that it was time to go back. However, I was very pleased with the beautiful and rare corals I had picked up. It was certainly an exciting and fruitful trip.