Essay topic: Things I would like to do but am unable to or do not have time for

I would like to do but am unable to or do not have time

First of all, I would like to be able to drive a car. Unfortunately, I am not able to because I am under aged. I have to wait until I am seventeen years old before I can apply for a license. So I have to be patient and wait until I am eligible.

Another thing I would like to do is to participate in the 100 meters in the Olympics and win it. This is just a wild dream for my physique does not allow me even to win a 100-meter race in my school. So the Olympics is an impossibility.

One thing that I can do but have no time for, just yet, is to hitchhike around the country. Right now I am so busy studying for the examinations that I hardly have time for anything else. Perhaps when I leave school in a year or so, I will get on the road and see things a bit. They say that travel is a good way to learn things.

I do not know that for sure, so I am going to find out, that is, if my mother allows me to do so in the first place. Talking of travel makes me dream of traveling around the world to visit interesting places, meet people, and thoroughly enjoy myself.

However, I can see that, for the time being, it is impossible for me to do such a thing simply because I do not have the means. World-travel costs money, lots of it. Right now I do not even have enough for a bus ticket to Penang.

So traveling around the world is out of the question. Even if someone were to pay my way, I would not be able to go because I have to finish school first or incur my mother’s wrath.

Finally, I would like to be able to eat everything I fancy and not put on weight. I am one of those less fortunate ones who can put on weight just by thinking about food. I am not exaggerating of course. The point is that it is easy for me to put on weight and I have to watch my diet. I cannot simply eat or I will suffer.

I suppose each person has his or her limitations as to what he or she can do or have time for. No pygmy is going o be a high jump champion just as no seven-footer is going to be a limbo dancing champion.

No busy businessman is going to have time to relax and no lazybones is going to be a multi-millionaire. We do what we can or have time for. We leave the rest alone.