Essay topic: The jealous reactions of one person to the success of a friend

The success of a friend

“We used to go to school together, sit together, eat together from a plate, talk over the telephone every night and even spend our weekends together,” thought Diana as she walked sulkily home from school. She was thinking about her closest friend Liza who had suddenly decided to end their established friendship.

This was how it happened. Diana was a favorite among her teachers. She was very much respected by her schoolmates. Diana, a very bright student who was always top in standard was befriended by Liza, the school’s best athlete.

Everybody knew that both of them were inseparable. It so happened that a student from Primary Six needed to be chosen as the assistant secretary of the school’s sports department. She was to represent the students of primary four, five, and six at any meeting held in preparation for the school’s coming sports meet.

The teachers had unanimously chosen Diana because of her popularity among the other students. Besides, she could speak very well. Liza was not chosen because the teacher thought that she would be very busy with her practice as she would be running in a few events during the sports day.

When the choice was announced, Diana was cheered tremendously by the students. However, Liza’s face became pale; she excused herself and hurried away from the assembly ground. Diana was not able to follow her as she was surrounded by the others. When school was dismissed, Diana waited for Liza at the school gate. When she did not turn up after half an hour, Diana went to look for her. Surprisingly she was nowhere to be found.

Thinking that she must have hurried home to attend to some personal matters, Diana walked home alone. That night Diana telephoned her friend to inquire about her. However, Liza made up some excuses to hang up the telephone. Diana believed her and readily excused her.

In school, the next day, Liza avoided Diana as much as possible. In class, she had to sit beside Diana but she kept quiet all along. During the break, Liza went off to the canteen without waiting for Diana. Diana saw her at the canteen, eating with another girl. Then only did she realize that something must be wrong. The more she thought the more her mind suggested to her the possible reasons.

At last, she gave up and sat on a bench and ate her sandwiches. As she was eating, two girls passed b and she overheard them talking. The mention of her name made her strain her neck and try to catch a few words from their conversation.

What a shock she had when she finally pieced the information together Liza was actually jealous of her position as the student’s representative in the sports department. Diana could not believe that such a trivial matter could cause this heart-aching break. Diana thought about the matter again as she walked home. She decided that Liza had to come to self-realization.

She must realize that friendship should be cherished above all. Diana felt that she should give up her new post if that would patch up the hole in their relationship. But… that would only pamper Liza and would not make her realize her folly. She continued her walk deep in thought.