Essay topic: Talk about your favorite sport (Essay 2)

Favorite sport

I like swimming. It is my favorite sport, for I know that it is healthy as well as a good chance for a person to exercise his or her body.

Last Sunday morning, as the weather was fine, I went to Vung Tau with my family. It took us about two hours by car to arrive at our destination, and I felt very excited about it.

When our car reached the top of the cliff overlooking the Bay, I admired the golden sand of the long beach, the blue sky and water, and the splendid country surroundings which looked like an artist’s painting.

We put on our bathing suits and ran into the water. It was a very happy swim for me. We played ball and challenged each other in swimming a certain distance. Of course, I was always beaten by my bigger brothers but I was satisfied with my good effort.

When we felt tired, we lay down on the beach to rest and to have some sunbath. At about noon, we returned to our tent and had lunch.

At about 3 p.m. we went once more into the water and swam till 5 p.m. Finally, we got ready to start at home. Everyone was delighted to have spent such a wonderful swim. I really enjoyed swimming very much that day.