Essay topic: Talk about your experience of being kidnapped

your experience of being kidnapped

My chauffeur was sick and I was told to take a cab home. I decided to walk instead and took the shortcut through a rubber plantation.

As I was walking, I noticed four men in dark glasses following me. I became frightened. I started running and was horrified to hear footsteps close behind me. Suddenly, I felt jerked back roughly.

The next thing I knew, I was blindfolded and gagged. I struggled wildly to free myself but to no avail. I was dumped onto some rough sacks. Then I heard an engine start. The kidnappers must be driving me to their hideout.

In their hideout, the kidnappers called my father and demanded a ransom of one hundred thousand dollars for my release.

They warned him that my life would be in danger if the police were notified. They also arranged to meet my father at a jetty at three o’clock in the morning.

At the appointed time, the men brought me to the jetty. My father was there, waiting anxiously. After collecting the money, the four men released me.

As the kidnappers were about to leave in a boat, the policemen, who were lying in the ambush, ran out to arrest them.

After a short struggle, the four kidnappers were caught. My family was thankful that I was safe and sound. I was glad that my father had notified the police.