Essay topic: Talk about Mothers’ day

Mothers’ day

Yesterday was the second Sunday in the month of May. It was also Mothers’ Day. My sister and I woke up early to prepare breakfast for our mum.

We had tuna fish sandwiches, scrambled eggs, and coffee. Mum had a pleasant surprise when she woke up to the small feast prepared for her.

After breakfast, we brightened Mum’s day by giving her a big bouquet of flowers made of crepe paper. It took us one whole week to make those flowers.

For the rest of the day, we were very obedient and did most of the household chores. In the evening, my mum was relieved of cooking dinner by my dad.

After a delicious meal, we had a cake-cutting ceremony to thank our mum for all that she has done for us. I also presented Mum with a very huge Mother’s Day card. She was overjoyed.

All of us were glad that Mum had a great day. However, I feel that Mother’s Day is not the only opportunity for us to show our love for our mothers. We should show our mothers that we love them by respecting and obeying them every day of the year.