Essay topic: Talk about a quarrel among friends

A quarrel among friends

I saw John and Rajoo shouting at each other near the school field. A few students had gathered around them. I walked towards them so that I could find out what was happening.

John appeared to be angrier than Rajoo. He kept saying that his composition was the better one and that it was not fair. Whenever John shouted at him, Rajoo also lost his patience and shouted back. He said that John was a bad loser.

After listening for a while, I gathered that the argument was about the prize for the best English composition in class. Rajoo had won it.

But John felt that his composition was better and that Rajoo had won it because he was the favorite of Miss Chan, the English teacher. Of course, Rajoo denied this and was angry at John for making the accusation.

Their argument grew louder and a student called Miss Chan to the scene. When she arrived, she scolded them for making such a commotion and asked them what the argument was about. When they had finished explaining, she turned to John and told him that his accusation was unfair. There were two other teachers besides Miss Chan who judged the compositions. John’s composition was a close second to Rajoo’s.

Miss Chan added that they were both good students and that she was proud of them. Rajoo’s winning composition would appear in the yearbook representing the class. Since John’s composition was very good, she would try to include his in the yearbook as well.

Both boys seemed to accept Miss Chan’s explanation. John then apologized to Rajoo for shouting at him. Rajoo accepted his apology and offered his hand. John grasped it and, with friendly smiles on their face, they shook hands.