Essay topic: Talk about a pickpocket you witnessed

A pickpocket you witnessed

I hate to travel on the MRT train in the evening because it is very crowded. I have to compete with other students and adults going home from work for seats.

This evening, I just managed to squeeze into the train. There were no seats available, so I stood by the door and looked at the people around me, trying to forget my discomfort. I looked at some of the passengers.

One was sleeping, one was staring blankly into space and another kept putting his right hand in and out of his pocket. This last person has small shifty eyes and he kept looking around. I turned away immediately when he caught me staring at him.

Out of curiosity, I looked at him again some minutes later. At that instant, I saw him withdrawing his hand from a lady’s handbag.

In his hand was a purse! Straight away, I pointed at him and shouted, “Pickpocket! Pickpocket!” Everyone was alerted, including the pickpocket.

As the pickpocket tried to get away, a few men quickly grabbed hold of him. He was caught and sent to the police station. I was praised for my quick action and was glad that I had helped the lady get back her purse.