Essay topic: Supposing you were the only survivor of a shipwreck and were washed up on a deserted island. What would you do there for two weeks?

On a cold evening in April, our ship was sailing for Ireland. Suddenly a violent storm rose and overturned our ship. Fortunately, I clang to a plank and was washed up on an island.

It was pitch-dark. On reaching the island, I fumbled for a smooth place to lie down. Quite exhausted I slept for a long time. I woke up with a start when I was dazzled by glaring sunlight. How I felt hungry and thirsty! The island with its gorgeous landscape at dawn appeared before my eyes.

I began to explore the island. It was an uninhabited island surrounded by gigantic trees. Yellow fruit dangling in the fresh morning breeze seduced my hunger. I tasted one. How sweet and delicious it was! I devoured greedily a lot of them then I lay down comfortably on a patch of soft grass.

Around me were the fragrance and twittering of birds. Pricking up my ears, I heard a stream babbling somewhere. I sprang up and cast a glance around. There, far away, on the right, a waterfall was cascading down the mountainside. I rushed toward it. Stooping down I swallowed gulps of water in raptures.

In the afternoon when I was wandering around the island, I happened to find out a cave hidden behind the dense foliage. It was convenient for me to turn it into lodging and bed for the night.

Day in and day out, nearly two weeks passed by. My food was mere fruit and some fish and lobster caught from the stream.

Sometimes I tried to hunt some wild animals but in vain. Had I been equipped with the necessary things, I would have enjoyed remaining here for the food.

One morning I caught sight of a boat on the horizon. I signaled and shouted out loudly. I was rescued but so far I have fostered the memories of a fairyland that I had once happened to discover!