Essay topic: A small quarrel

A small quarrel

People these days have become quite quarrelsome. They have little tolerance and small incidents which should be accepted with a smile can make them lose their tempers.

Quarrelling has become more frequent. I have personally witnessed a quarrel. My friends and I were at the park. There was also a small field for the children.

I saw two boys quarrelling over a ball. I tried to stop them; to my surprise, I saw two ladies approaching. I thought they were going to thank me for having stopped the boys from quarrelings.

Instead of thanking me and taking their kids home, they started quarrelling. They started screaming at each other. The passers-by were astounded and soon gathered around, none tried to stop them.

Instead, some added fuel to the fire with their comments. Soon they seemed to be exhausted by their verbal warfare and were about to exchange blows when suddenly two policemen appeared.

The policemen refused to listen and in their authoritative manner, silenced both of them. The police questioned them about the fight.

To everyone’s surprise, they pointed to me as the witness and alleged that one of the boys had taken the other’s ball. The police looked at me for an answer.

I tried to explain that I was in no way concerned. Suddenly one of the policemen pointed at the two boys who were now playing happily and not paying much attention to what was going on nearby. The two women were ashamed of themselves and left immediately.