Essay topic: Should a factory be built in your community?

a factory be built in your community

There must still be negative thoughts that a factory should not be set up near a community. Although it is likely that no one totally opposes the opinion, a serious consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of growing a factory in a certain place is a logical necessity.

In fact, it can bring benefits to this locality while it cannot to another. As for the area where I am living, a larger number of its people including me are supporting the decision to build up a factory in it.

The most positive and enormous advantage to be found is that it can turn the place into a more modern and convenient one. The fact that a lot more people will move to the area for jobs and easier lives is a motive to construct more apartments and houses.

In the wake of population growth, shopping malls, hospitals, and schools turn up. Its residents will not have to travel a long distance downtown to go shopping or to visit the health centers to see doctors. Better schools will be places to train people to become good and responsible citizens and to offer virtuous talents to lead the community to further development. Life then will be a comfort.

In addition, since a factory needs employees to work in it, it will tackle the unemployment problem. With so many people not offered jobs becoming jobless, burglaries and robberies go up. Therefore, unemployment is regarded as the primary problem of economic policy.

To handle that, allowing a factory is a must. When people can earn money and have jobs to do, society will not only lighten this kind of burden it is carrying but also assist to reduce others. An example is a charity. People who can earn money can help less lucky others.

The last but not least advantage is that since many jobs and opportunities are offered, a large factory moves many people with different cultures and thoughts to the community. As a result, the chance to enrich knowledge and broaden experience arises.

The local people will have a wide variety of mental lives. For instance, they will add more kinds of food to their meals. These kinds may be brought by immigrants from other parts of the nation. Furthermore, they will relax with a diversity of entertainment.

To sum up, although there are some disadvantages such as noise, harmful exhaust, and traffic jams, the benefits the factory provides totally convince me to admit that it is advisable to have a large factory in my community in the hope that the region becomes better.