Essay topic: My perfect hous

My perfect house

I can now sit back and heave a big sigh of relief. The finished decor of my house is worth every cent of my hard-earned money and every unit of my energy. Now, I can simply enjoy the little paradise that I have created.

By observing the exterior, one will get the impression of a cottage in the countryside. The stark white color of the house is toned down by the rows of palm trees and shrubs on the front lawn.

The multi-colored flowers greet me every morning as I sit on my rocking chair and enjoy the fresh morning air. Within the house, a similar condition prevails. The perpetual open windows allow for healthy ventilation and a full view of the serene and beautiful garden.

The living room boasts a dark mahogany sofa set which is complemented by parquet flooring. Just a few meters away, I have created a “corner of peace” as I call it; and this is for the purpose of relaxation.

I have placed a large durable rug, some cushions, some magazines and books for leisure reading, and a small, portable radio.

Contrary to the condition of the informality of the areas I have mentioned, the dining area portrays unmatched grandeur. The entrance to it consists of magnificent archways and pillars which will remind one of the intricate Roman architecture.

The windows are deliberately draped with dramatic purple-colored velvet curtains done up with frills and tassels. To top them all, I have purposely chosen furniture that bears an Elizabethan air of supremacy.

To complete the atmosphere, I have added a beautiful chandelier to brighten up the dining area. This part of my house is the source of my pride especially on occasions when I have to entertain important guests.

The kitchen is another place of extreme importance. I have managed to come up with a splendid arrangement of kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, and cookers and an undoubtedly perfect color combination.

Because this area is where food is prepared, I made sure that I allowed for maximum hygiene. I have my oven and refrigerator built into the cabinet. My cooker is next to the wash basin and my little portable waste basket which comes with a tight-fitting lid is directly below it.

The kitchen also offers an extended table attached to the cabinet that can be utilized as an informal dining area. The toilets, not to be ignored, have also been scrupulously planned. To withstand continuous splashing of water, I have chosen durable, tinted sliding doors.

I have also thrown rubber mats on the floor of the bathroom to prevent accidents such as slipping while bathing. In short, my relatively small kitchen has great utility value.

Finally, I take pleasure in describing the bathrooms which I have enjoyed decorating. The master bedroom has been furnished with a chrome-plated bed that comes with side tables, a made-to-order wardrobe that has an efficient storage system, and a full-length mirror to give me the pleasure of looking at myself from head to toe.

I have used a range of fabrics from the Laura Ashley collection. The pale, muted blue flowery print blends well with the plain blue textured wallpaper. The bed sheets, the curtains, and even the cushion covers are of the same Laura Ashley collection.

The guestroom, however, makes use of bright yellow as its main hue. There are two single beds separated by a light yellow rug. The beds come with drawers for keeping clothes neat and tidy. The drawers can also be converted into a bed when the need arises.

To conclude, I feel proud and happy that I was able to design and decorate my house so well without the expertise and help of professional house renovators. The emergence of my dream house readily gives me the utmost pleasure and satisfaction.