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How I learned to ride a bicycle

Learning how to ride a bicycle can be exciting as well as painful. But I found it very exciting indeed.

It was my sister who taught me how to ride a bicycle. One day my sister brought her bicycle and told me to sit on it and place my feet on the pedals.

Then, she advised me to pedal slowly while she held the bicycle and ran slowly along. The road on which I was learning was smooth and there was almost no traffic. My sister was kind. She spent several hours trying to teach me how to ride.

She did not let go of the bicycle even once. I was indeed very much excited at this opportunity to learn how to ride a bicycle. I thanked my sister for her kindness and patience. On the next day, again, my sister took me to the road.

Now, she told me to try to ride without her help. This was painful, for I fell several times and received some cuts on my hands and legs. My sister, however, told me not to lose heart. Soon I found that I could pedal some distance without falling.

My sister then told me that I had learned enough. I now needed some practice only. I was extremely happy to hear this. I was now very happy and proud to be able to ride a bicycle.

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