Essay topic: Computer made life easier?

Computers made life easier


Has computer made life easier


Examples of how the computer makes our work easier and faster


computer technology has changed our lives write of at least five ways to show how this is so


computer has made our life easier


how does computer affect your life as a student


impact of computers in our daily life 


impact of computers in our daily life 

The computer is widely used. It can be found in schools, in offices, and even in homes. Everybody rushes to learn how to use computers to have the advantages coming from this modern machine. In fact, the computer has made life easier.

Computer helps people do many things quicker and faster than they did before. Very clear evidence is that documents can be composed without papers. In our forefathers’ time, a draft paper should be used before they have a finished one.

After the draft, they must spend a certain time to rewrite another paper to make it better to look at. Besides, there are many soft-wares which can be installed into computers to reduce the amount of time for the accomplishment of tasks.

Typically, with Photoshop, a comic-book author duplicates the same pictures without drawing them from time to time.

The second reason for the fact that computer has made life easier is their storage capability. Office workers nowadays escape the working environment with the occupation of documents.

As a matter of fact, all the documents are converted into file formats and are stored on the hard disk, which also helps the looking for documents easier and more rapidly.

Furthermore, the documents in files able to be copied and sent to computers all over the world. In other words, people no longer move so many documents in papers from place to place when they must move their working offices.

Last but not least, people can entertain themselves with computers. With computers nowadays being linked together in the world wide web, searching for information or reading newspapers can be done at home without going out of the house.

A son can easily find an old song for his father in just a minute with a google search engine and his father can enjoy the song sooner than he expected in his childhood’s time.

More amazingly, people can buy things from home if they know how to use a basic computer and the internet. Most often, people use computers to play games online. This is a very modern type of relaxing and spending their leisure time.

In summary, people are used to the advantages brought by the so-called wonder of science. Although there are some disadvantages of using computers people have not counted, computer obviously becomes a friend of everybody.

This facility is still being studied for more utilities to serve human beings.

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