Essay topic: Comment on this saying “Failure is the mother of success”

Failure is the mother of success

Many people easily feel disappointed whenever they fail in their business. Successive failures may lead them to pessimism and they keep on bewailing their lot. The following saying: “Failure is the mother of success” has been used to encourage these sorts of people.

At first, “everything is difficult at the outset”. When we start implementing a certain scheme, although it is carefully planned in advance, we still encounter some obstacles or difficulties that may arise unexpectedly.

For example, a farmer tried to sow a new kind of seeds. To his great disappointment, the new seeds did not produce a good yield as he had expected whereas his neighbor farmer sowed the same seeds but he harvested a bumper crop.

Our unfortunate farmer did not lose hope and was determined to investigate the causes of his failure: he tried to better his soil, fertilizing his rice fields with mush nitrogen and finally he succeeded in collecting 5 tons of rice per hectare.

If you lose one go, try another. Patience, persistence, and will are important. Drawing experiences from previous failures, we changed tactics and strategies, and finally, we will succeed. Our success is due to our unflinching determination after bitter failures.

Demosthenes, the greatest Athenian orator, before reaching the acme of his glory, had to suffer so much despair and failure. The audience did not pay much attention to his political speeches because of his weak voice. He resolved that he would get rid of this defect. Day after day, he went to the sea, shouting and roaring with deafening sounds of waves and in the end, he acquired a convincing and sonorous voice as he had wished.

The above saying is quite right if it is applied to the pupils’ lives. If we are weak in certain subjects, do not be disappointed. Be consistent in our study. We should learn more from our friends, our teachers, and others and listen to their advice. Thus, in the long run, we can get over our defects and weakness.

In conclusion, the saying: “Failure is the mother of success” can serve as a guide for those who show pessimism after their failures and always surrender themselves to obstacles and difficulties.