Essay topic: An autobiography of a dancing doll

a dancing doll

My name is Rosita. I am a Spanish dancing doll made in Spain. I am dressed in a red frilled dress and I wear a pair of red high-heeled dancing shoes. My hair is black, long, and wavy. My friends and I arrived in Singapore by airplane.

When we reached our destination, we were taken to a big shopping center that displayed there with many other different dolls. The place was full of toys. I loved looking at the other toys and I enjoyed watching the children playing with them.

Some of them would stop to admire me with wide-open eyes, but I was too expensive to be bought. One day a rich, grandly dressed lady came to the store. She looked around the place and her eyes felon me. She looked at me in admiration.

She at once bought me. I was given as a birthday present to her only daughter Pam. I was very happy with my new mistress but the happy time did not last long. One day Pam’s friends brought along their own dolls to play with at her house.

They envied me because I looked very attractive. Pam refused to let her friends handle me. When Pam was not attending to me, one of her friends picked me up. Pam was furious and tried to pull me away from her friend.

In the tussle, they accidentally ripped my pretty red dress. Pam cried and her mother consoled her by promising to buy a new doll.

I was given away to the servant’s daughter, who accepted me with great delight. She skillfully mended the tear in my dress. She treasured me and took very good care of me. I am indeed fortunate to have a mistress who loves me despite the fault in my dress.