Essay topic: A week before the examination

The examination

Sundays are generally a fixed routine determined by TV programs. But the last Sunday before the examinations was completely different. Of all the subjects, English and Mathematics are the ones I fear most.

I was determined not to waste the Sunday before the exam and to spend the day on revision. I set the alarm clock for 4:30 a.m. so that I can get up early and start my revision. But the alarm did not ring and I got up very late. So I had to choose between English and Mathematics. I started on the Mathematics problems because I was not worried about English. I was stuck on my seventh problem.

I was still trying to solve the problem when I heard a commotion in the front hall. My uncle has come with his family. My room door burst open and my cousins came barging in. They sat on the side of the bed and started asking questions. My mother asked me to take my cousins to the market. I went out in anger.

It was almost lunchtime when I started again. My cousins pestered me to take them around. I had no choice but to be obliged and completely wasted all my time until the evening. I had some spare time after dinner.

I was still stuck with the seventh problem. In desperation, I threw away the book. The sound must have jolted everyone and my uncle came in, sensing my inability, he patiently explained the problem. I could not continue further due to shame and anger. Thus the whole Sunday was totally wasted. Instead, I could have watched television and played with my cousins, I lost both.