Essay topic: A shopping day

A shopping day

We live in the suburb of HCM city. Twice a week my mother and I usually take a bus to HCM city to do some shopping. Yesterday was my mother’s off day.

Early in the morning, we took a bus to town. We were in town just after seven and we had the whole morning shopping. First, we went to the ready-made clothes department. My mother bought two white shirts for my father, and a pair of blue jeans for my brother.

I chose a pink woolen sweater. I liked it very much because it perfectly suited my complexion. In this department prices were moderate and we did not need to bargain. Before leaving, my mother bought herself two pairs of gloves.

Next, we went straight to the shoe department. The shop assistant greeted us warmly. He showed us pairs of shoes of really good quality leather. Leather shoes and sandals of various sizes and colors were on sale. The store was crowded with customers.

They were either looking at the shoes or buying them. We both chose fashionable pairs of shoes and left. It was nearly eleven o’clock. We called a little café by the street-side to have lunch.

After lunch, we went to the park nearby. We took a rest on the bench in the shade of tall trees, waiting for the shops to open again in the afternoon. At 2:00 p.m. we returned to the shopping center. We went to the Chinaware department.

My mother needed a dozen of dishes and bowls. Enameled chinaware of different beautiful patterns attracted housewives’ attention.

Finally, before returning home, we went to the stationers. My mother bought lots of stationery: ink, pens, ballpoint pens and a writing pad. On the way to the bus station, we called the fast food department to get some ready-cooked food for the family when we got home. Returning home, I felt quite tired but how interesting a shopping day it was! e

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