Essay topic: A mad dog

A mad dog

The road up the hill is long and winding. There is hardly any traffic, in fact, it seems to be quieter than usual. Mrs. Foster takes a deep breath with a feeling of gladness and satisfaction. “Thank goodness! There doesn’t seem to be many people camping out up there,” she thinks. She turns to her left to see the little boy sitting patiently beside her with eyes open wide, eagerly looking at the uncommonly peaceful surroundings. The little yellow Volkswagon moves slowly up the hill with Mrs.

Foster is driving and her little boy Billy is in the front seat next to her.“When are we going to see daddy, mum?” asks Billy.“In three hours’ time, honey, at noon, we’re going to have lunch together, remember?” replies Mrs. Foster. Her son nods his head and continues to look at the scenery. They have driven for almost two hours. Suddenly the car moves very slowly. Only then does she realize she’s running out of gas.

She manages to drive up to the nearest gas station and presses the horn several times. No one responds, so she decides to get out to look for somebody in the station. The station is deserted but the doors are not locked. “Strange,” thinks Mrs. Foster. Suddenly there is a sound coming from behind her. She turns to see and found only a dog staring at her. She pays no attention to it and starts to walk back to her car. Grrrrrrr! “There’s something strange about the dog,” Mrs. Foster says to herself.

Something strange makes her hair stand. She decides not to turn around but walks quickly to her car. She opens her car door and quickly gets in. as she slams the door, the dog pounces on it with great strength that makes the car shake. Billy screams and Mrs. Foster realizes that the dog is a mad one. She winds up her car windows and locks both doors. Just then the dog rams her car again, this time shaking it even more. She realizes that there is nothing she can do to get out of the situation.

Her car does not move and there is no way she can get out to make a phone call. As she holds Billy in her arms, there is another bang. This time the dog is in the front of her car looking dangerously at Mrs. Foster and her son through the windscreen. It begins to hit and scratch the windscreen as if to reach the frightened victims inside the car. Billy’s screams and cries only agitate the dog more and its movements become more vigorous as it begins to hit harder and harder until the windscreen cracks.

To her horror, Mrs. Foster realizes what the dog is up to, so she tries to calm Billy down and it works. For almost two hours they sit there quietly, not even daring to breathe properly. The dog lays itself down on the bonnet of the car and keeps a watchful eye on any slight movements. Suddenly there is a sound of a truck. Several men get out of it armed with rifles and shotguns. The dog jumps down from her car and Mrs. Foster gives a sigh of relief. As she closes her eyes, she hears a loud, gun shot, followed by the cry of the fatally wounded dog.