Essay topic: A case of mistaken identity

A case of mistaken identity

A strange incident happened to me one year ago. It all started at a fast-food restaurant where I was having lunch with my friends. Suddenly, a woman walked up to us and called, “Lisa”. We all turned and looked at her.

I was surprised to find that she was talking to me. She even asked me why I did not go home. When I told her that she had made a mistake, she became agitated and started crying loudly.

At that moment, a man came up to her and tried to calm her down. Then, turning around, he saw me and was startled. Gravely, he explained to me why his wife had behaved that way.

They had a daughter who looked like me. She had been killed in a road accident recently. His wife had not learned to accept the mishap and that was why she insisted that I was her daughter.

I felt sorry for her. Therefore, I decided to visit her often, hoping that it would help her recover faster.

My parents supported my decision. Since that incident, I have been visiting the couple weekly. They dote on me as if I were their daughter. I believe the woman is getting better.