essay on The work of a farmer

The work of a farmer

The life of a farmer is hard. He works from early morning till late in the evening in a distant corner of the country. Yet, no one cares much for him. But the work of a farmer is very important. He produces food for people in the towns and other places.

Without him, there would be no food around. People would not be able to do their work. Even doctors who save lives cannot do their work without the food that the farmer grows.

In the same way, teachers, engineers, clerks, and all others must have food before they can do their work. However, very few people think of the importance of the farmer’s work.

We think of the farmer only when there is no food around. We are then forced to grow our own food. So we cannot do any other work. Even doctors may have to grow their own food if the farmer fails to grow food for them.

All these show how important the work of the farmer is.