Essay on self-dependent or self-independent | self-independence essay

Essay on self-independent

One has to always remain subordinate to those who give shelter to others. In such a situation neither his self-esteem could survive nor his self-dependent. He becomes a puppet in the hands of others and is forced to live a life of frustration, tragedy, torture, suffering, humiliation, and neglect. Therefore, dependence is considered a gross sin.

Only a self-respecting person has been able to know in a true sense what sorrow and suffering are and what is the value and importance of happiness, convenience, and how much pleasure and self-satisfaction. What are the world and society called? What is the pain of insult? Lack can in some way cause a person to poach.

The reality of such things can also be understood by a truly self-sufficient person. A paralytic always has to live a life without being a person and thus being a person, leaving the worry of humiliation and disrespect. The hunger to live a simple, simple human, to gain human respect and dignity has been in every human being since birth. It can be accomplished by becoming self-supporting.

Benefit of self-dependent

Being self-dependent does not mean that a person has big, high palaces. If there is immense wealth, if it does not happen, if a person does not have his authority over big, high-speed methods, then it is useless to have them all. Only by working independently and at will can a person be able to do well with himself, his neighborhood, street, society, and the entire country.

A self-reliant person can take appropriate steps by thinking liberally. Each drop of sweat flowing through his hard work is as precious as a pearl. What is called true happiness and self-satisfaction is achieved only by a self-dependent person. Keeping in mind all these facts, the poet Maithilisharan Gupta has said a line in Saket:

At a glance self-dependent, Kubera’s treasury can also be sacrificed for the life of Kubera, that is, the life of self-reliance at a normal level. Only a self-respecting person can improve self-consciousness about his world. Only such people used to weave their palace mats for other people of life-society and make a living from their surroundings.

Saint Kabir used to follow his family of cloth weavers while Guru Nanak Dev did not touch the chant of Dharamshala (Gurudwara) even after getting angry with his sons. Shri Krishna’s cowherds are about to signify acts like Charana, Sant Raidas, and Dadudayal with shoes. Surely, they are inspired to become self-reliant. They are also going to highlight its importance.

The person who is not self-dependent, are divisive defects for each of their failures. Tulsidas Ji has rightly said, “Dev-Dev called lazily.” Here Paravlambi has said the same lazy and sectarian. Self-supporting humans, regardless of success or failure, strive relentlessly and pave their way through obstacles and obstacles. The Cantakasarnas move strongly along the path.

Pathways do not stop their footsteps and ultimately success depends on them. On the strength of self-reliance, Shivaji chewed the huge army of Aurangzeb with a few soldiers. Eklavya had great skills in archery even after being neglected by Guru Dronacharya. An ordinary man like Napoleon could become a great general. The son of a farmer and carpenter, Abraham Lincoln was able to become the President of America. History is replete with such examples.

Today’s person wants more and more wealth and means of happiness, but not by plundering and pulling others down or back, but by keeping faith and loyalty in his work and self. This is why the person today is independent and unhappy. There is only one solution to get rid of this situation and that is to be self-reliant, none other. Dinkar ji has rightly said

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