Essay On Money Can’t Buy Happiness | essay on money can’t buy happiness

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

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Happiness is something spiritual, it is internal emotion related to the spirit of man. Happiness has more to do with the soul than with the body. It depends on whether the man has money or not.

Money is something that is required to fulfill the needs of life. Money is needed to obtain the basic needs of human life. i.e. food, clothing, and shelter. Scientific inventions and discoveries have added much to the comforts of man. These comforts were unimaginable some time ago.

The things that are a source of comfort and easiness to us are all material things. All these material things can be purchased by spending money. But happiness is not something material. It is something that belongs to the spirit. It is altogether a non-material thing that can lot directly be purchased from the market.

But the material things like television, telephone, air conditioner, refrigerators, automobiles, etc. which we can afford to buy in return for money, become a source of happiness indirectly.

So, we can say that happiness is an emotion that can indirectly be obtained with money. e.g. when there is a hot summer day and we are sweating, the electric fan or the air conditioner makes us feel happy. Similarly, medicine that is purchased with money becomes an indirect source of happiness when it gives relief to the patient.

So, we conclude that money is not a direct source of happiness but the material things invented or discovered in the field of science become an indirect source of happiness in return for money when we make use of them in our life.

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