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A shock (otherwise known as a quake, tremor or temblor) is a shaking of the Earth’s outer crust caused by an unexpected influx of energy into the Earth’s lithosphere that produces seismic waves. Undoubtedly, earthquakes are terrible destructive events. Moreover, earthquakes can cause a lot of damage to life and property. Few earthquakes are weak and are likely to slip through cracks. In contrast, few earthquakes are large and intense. Major earthquakes are often crushing in nature. Most importantly, the occurrence of earthquakes is very random. This makes them so dangerous.

Types of Earthquakes

There are four types of earthquakes.

Tectonic Earthquake

The Earth’s crust consists of a layer of rocks of one-dimensional shapes. These rock segments are structural plates. Also, here the energy is kept away. This energy moves the structural plates away from each other or towards each other. During long journeys, energy and growth create tension between the two plates.

Therefore, this tremendous stress causes the frame to break apart. Furthermore, the middle mark of this magnitude is the epicenter of the earthquake. Then, energy flows from the concentration to the surface. This results in surface vibrations.

Volcanic Earthquake

This earthquake is associated with volcanic activity. Most importantly, the intensity of such earthquakes is weak. These earthquakes are of two types. The main type is volcanic structural earthquakes. Earthquakes occur here due to the infusion or evacuation of magma. Interestingly, the next series is the long-term earthquake. Earthquakes here are caused by stress changes in the earth’s layers.

Collapse Earthquake

These earthquakes occur in sinkholes and mines. Apart from this, these earthquakes are powerless. Underground impacts are probably the cause of mine explosions. Most importantly, these collapsing mines cause seismic waves. These seismic waves then cause earthquakes.

Explosive Earthquake

These earthquakes are often caused by nuclear weapons testing. When a nuclear weapon explodes, there is a huge impact. This results in a massive influx of energy. This likely results in earthquakes.

Effects of Earthquake

There are Many Effects of Earthquake:


Above all, ground shaking is the most prominent effect of an earthquake. Also, groundbreaking occurs simultaneously with shaking. This results in severe damage to the framework offices. The severity of an earthquake depends on the magnitude and distance of the focal point. Similarly, nearby geological conditions play a part in determining severity. A ground crack refers to an apparent break in the earth’s surface.

Create Tsunamis

Earthquakes can create similarly terrifying tsunamis. Torrents are long-frequency ocean waves. These tidal waves are generated by the unexpected or sudden development of large bodies of water. This is the result of an earthquake in the sea. Most importantly, a tsunami can travel at a speed of 600-800 km per hour. These tidal waves can cause terrible destruction when they hit the coast.


Another major effect of earthquakes is a landslide. landslide is caused by tilting. This tilt is caused by earthquakes.

Soil liquefaction

Earthquakes can cause soil liquefaction. This occurs when a granular material immersed in water loses its cohesion. Thus, it changes from solid to liquid. Thus, complex designs are submerged in dense stores.

Setting fire

Earthquakes can spark flames. This happens because earthquakes damage electricity and gas lines. Most importantly, stopping a fire once it starts is incredibly challenging.

Overall, earthquakes are an unusual and unsettling feature of the Earth. It shows the triviality of people against nature. A great event undoubtedly leaves everyone stunned. The bottom line is that earthquakes last only for a few moments but can cause incalculable damage.

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