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Animal Research



Experimenting with animals in the scientific field is causing a problem throughout America. Many Americans do not approve of the abuse and torture of animals by scientists and other organizations. People do not want the victims of torture (animals) to suffer the side effects of medical testing or die. Things such as visual problems, abnormal sexual behaviors, hearing loss, or deformities, are viewed as irreplaceable.

Testing should be allowed to be done on a small percentage of animals and human being that wants to take their places. True enough there have been over 10 million dogs a year destroyed by different groups, such as public pounds, animal shelters, and humane societies. But if animal testing is done within particular guidelines, America’s population will not decrease.

Testing on a small percentage of animals would allow necessary testing to be done and will prevent the destruction of too many animals. Animals do have rights as living creatures. That is why there are laws that protect them. The Federal Animal Welfare Act of 1966 ensures that research done on animals respects their well-being (King 696). This act was amended in 1970, 1976, and 1979 by the United States Congress. The United States Department of Agriculture has ordered periodic inspections of all animal-research facilities (King 696). But they did void out research on animals completely.

People that do not agree with animal testing should volunteer themselves for testing. How is civilization supposed to find cures for diseases, create better medicines, or develop alternatives to physical abnormalities? Some people suggest testing on computers or modern technology. T

hey are human-like as far as internally, if they do not like the use of animals they would have to use humans for testing. Would the disagreeing people like to volunteer to be subjects for testing? If one of the Animal Rights advocates were to become diagnosed with an incurable disease, they would want research done to help find a cure for the disease. Using animal testing could be beneficial to finding a cure for that person. Would he then approve the cause?

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